Vintage Barbie Splendor / Estate Sale Finds

One of the most obvious reasons why I collect BFMC dolls is due to my  love of the vintage head mold.  Were it not for the BFMC, I would have an amazing vintage collection.  However, it didn’t pan out that way. My Barbie dollars have been consistently reserved for the BFMC. Once in a great while I buy vintage. But it is rare.

About a month ago, on a random Thursday, I sent my little chickadees off to school and went about my morning as usual. As fate would have it, I had a full and open day ahead of me.  I was showered, dressed, and figuring out my day. On this early morning, I received a text from a friendly acquaintance, wondering if my husband still collected Barbie. Hmmm.  I responded with the correction that it was I who collected Barbie, not my hubby.  She informed me of a local estate sale that had a VERY large Barbie collection.  Could she send me photos I asked. She responded with pics of an incredible collection.  I was so thankful to be dressed and ready to go – because from the photos I could tell this was the collection of a serious, well versed collector and I must get there quickly to peruse. It was as if the moons had aligned and I was meant to be ready to bolt out the door so quickly! And I did.

Vintage Barbie is one of those things that I have merely dabbled in.  I adore the repros because they allow many non-vintage collectors like myself the ability to enjoy some really lovely fashions and dolls for a fraction of the price of what we might expect to pay if buying the same in vintage.  I LOVE my repro collection:

Display shelf in my doll room featuring a few of a my favorite repros along with the Vintage Fashion Shop

Display shelf in my doll room featuring a few of a my favorite repros along with the Vintage Fashion Shop

At the estate sale, I was able to obtain, among many, many Barbies, these three reproduction dolls that I just seemed to have been dragging my feet in purchasing:

I also quickly located a few vintage Barbies that immediately won me over. They are not perfect by any means, but for the price, I would have been a fool to pass them up.  Here are two lovely beauties I purchased along with my first ever vintage Ken.  I have always been a fan of Jim Taylor’s Ken collection but I just never had the gumption to purchase a vintage Ken. Until now.  Jim has remarkable Ken dolls dressed in fantastic vintage suits. This Ken is dressed in Saturday Night Date’s suit and it was perfect for my first vintage Ken acquisition.

I just adore these two lovely vintage gals. I have had the green vintage sheath in my collection for years.  The rust one was an acquisition from this sale.

Are they number 4 an 6? Any input would be awesome.

Are they number 4 an 6? Any input would be awesome.

I am immediately in love with this beauty...I don't even care that she's missing lip paint (which by the way isn't really obvious except for closeup photos such as this). I want to abandon all my collecting priorities and focus on remarkable beauties such as she!

I am immediately in love with this beauty…I don’t even care that she’s missing lip paint (which by the way isn’t really obvious except for closeup photos such as this). I want to abandon all my collecting priorities and focus on remarkable beauties such as she!

As I dug and dug into all the stuff in this collector’s room, I found my very first American Girl in a random case.  I found the vintage Pink Satin Coat and Hat set separately in a basket of vintage outfits for $5.00.  The sheath is a OOAK sheath from my collection. The fashions in the window of the Vintage Fashion Shop are vintage fashions that I’ve owned for quite some time.

When I tried showing this one off to my hubby he immediately exclaimed

When I tried showing this one off to my hubby he immediately exclaimed “Well, her hair is a bit wonky. Is she ok?”. What does he know. She’s perfect in my eyes, choppy bangs and all. It only goes to prove she was loved and played with, and I adore that about her.

I also located a Midge in a basket of nude Barbies at the sale.  Poor Midge. She always gets the shaft.  But I saved her because I recalled the days of playing with my older cousins’ Barbies and vividly remember there being a Midge among their dolls.  I’m delighted to add one to my collection. I dressed her in a repro Prom Date dress because it is the dress I fondly remember being my favorite among my older cousins’ Barbie fashions when I went to their house to play.

I found so many fantastic items at this sale, too many to mention. Only us collectors understand which is why I’m so excited to share it here.

I feel as though I’ve added an “instant Vintage assortment” to my collection, and it truly inspires the collector within.

I. Love. Barbie. It is moments like these that make my collecting heart sing.

12 thoughts on “Vintage Barbie Splendor / Estate Sale Finds

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the darkside! LOL!

    I dabble a little in Vintage (dolls and accessories), so I know exactly where you’re coming from. My Silkstones were displayed in my Fashion Shop up until about a month ago, they looked fabulous; but I decided the Vintage and Repro girls looked way more fabulous in that setting.

    Be warned, you will need more shelf space, because nice pieces like the Barbie/Midge Queensize Chifferobe will seek you out and follow you home.

    Congratulations on your “instant collection”, everything looks beautiful!

      on said:

      Oh I’ve got plenty of shelf space should I continue on this path of destruction wink wink. I picked up several nice vintage fashions from this collection, random as they may be (meaning they are separates with out shoes/accessories). I’m not a fanatic when it comes to collecting complete and mint outfits so they suit me fine. I would agree that the Vintage Fashion Shop is perfectly suited for the repros and vintage. I keep the repros on display with the shop and the vintage is behind glass in a cabinet, but photo shoots will allow for visitation rights! Thanks for stopping by again!!!

    Mary Drexler
    on said:

    Some really wonderful finds

    on said:

    Congratulations! I think every vintage collector dreams of having this experience and I think you did very well for yourself. Swooning….

      on said:

      Thanks you! Its definitely not a daily occurrence is it? I should point out that there was a room full of boxed modern collectible Barbies from which to choose as well. I loaded up on several that I had never got around to buying. The vintage dolls I did get were great because I didn’t already have any of the ones I found.

    Seeing the dolls, and then the prom date dress, took me back to those happy days as a kid, playing dolls with my sister and girlfriends.i remember that dress so well.Lucky you to get to look through all that loot. It would make the collector happy to know that their collection is still being treasured.

      on said:

      Prom Dress era was just a tad before my time (I was of the ’70’s era) but I recall it being my favorite dress from my cousins’ collection. I’m sure it was tattered as could be as a result of all the play. I also recall not liking their “mean looking” Barbies as opposed to the happier faces that were starting to hit the market! I appreciate you sharing!

    Peter Harrigan
    on said:

    How wonderful!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

    Finding that coat was the inspiration for my initial interest in vintage collecting.

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