The Gold Chair – BFC Gift Repainted

If you’re a member of the The Barbie Fan Club at The Barbie Collection web site, you most likely by now have received your 2016 gift, a black plastic chair with cream cushion. Like so many other BFMC die hards, I have been pining for the gold chairs in the Silkstone promo photos for years.

This black plastic version, in my view, is a good compromise for what must have been a difficult balance to strike between offering a quality, wood (or metal), gold chair, that is sure to be expensive to produce and then sell, or, offer a less expensive version as a gift. They made a great choice by offering a chair made of plastic, which must be more cost effective, and then chose a color that would appeal to the masses, leaving the collector to customize it if they choose to.  After all, not all collectors like gold (I can’t imagine who wouldn’t LOVE a gold chair, but I do recognize there are crazies roaming the earth). Here is what the chair looks like prior to painting, with obnoxious tag on cushion and all:


I received my chair last week. Naturally, my plan was to spray it gold. Yesterday, I finally got around to the project.  I used Krylon Super Maxx Metallic. I paid about $6.99 for a can.

If you’ve ever spray painted plastic, you know that it is imperative to use the right paint, preferably paint specifically made for plastic. Krylon does  make a paint specifically for plastic called Fusion for Plastic. I decided to give a different Krylon paint a try,  Krylon Super Maxx,  because it does list plastic on the can, and, it was the perfect shade of gold that I was looking for. Just a word of caution if you decide to try it: it seemed to need more coats than the other paint for plastic that I’ve used in the past.  This could be because the chair is black and may take more to cover, not sure. Initially I thought I would use my trusty gold paint pen, but the gold was more dull and muddy than I wanted. As well, it would have been difficult to get good coverage on the larger parts of the chair, so after testing a few chair rungs with the paint pen, I moved on to the brighter gold colored spray paint. Yet another reason why I gave this paint a try, because the gold is so shiny, bright and beautiful.

There is a bit of residue left behind when you remove the cushion. Residue can be easily removed with Goo Gone.

I took time to spray even coats, and allowed ample drying time in between coats.  I highly recommend the paint I used.  The spray nozzle this product offers sprayed the paint effortlessly and evenly. What I like is because it is metallic, the finish has a very slight bumpiness to it, giving the finished product an antiqued, aged look to it, similar to the promo chairs (take a look at the finish of the chairs in the first photo I’ve shared above).

The finished product.

I’m really pleased with how the chair looks painted gold.  And by the way, it looks great as it is, in black, but I couldn’t resist repainting to match those infamous Silkstone chairs. I hope Mattel decides to offer their left over stock of these chairs for sale on their website like they have done in the past with other club gifts.  I would gladly purchase several more.

Classic Black Dress Silkstone Barbie takes a seat.

As side note, there are sellers on Ebay and Etsy selling similar gold chairs, so if you’re not one to take on a paint project, there are other options. However, be prepared for a hefty price tag.



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