Silkstone Barbie Vanity … Investment Gone Wild

Recently I found myself browsing ebay auctions for Silkstone Barbies. I came upon auctions for the Silkstone Vanity. It has been quite some time since I’ve checked out the high-end price tag items in the BFMC Silkstone arena and I have to say I am stunned by the secondary market pricing for the Silkstone Vanity. Out of curiosity I ran comparables on recently sold auctions (the realtor in me shining through) and have found the average sold auctions fall anywhere between $399-500. YIKES! Should I mention that one sold for $840 in October? Current actives are well above the sold prices (typical hopeful sellers, just like in real estate). When did this exorbitant price jump happen? Maybe I’ve been asleep or just plain clueless, but I honestly didn’t expect it to pan out like this. I say this because I recall that when the vanity was first released, collectors were astonished at the MSRP : at the time, a whopping $125.00.  I scanned a page from a 2004 Barbie Collectibles catalog, pictured below.

Scanned from Barbie Collector 2004 Holiday Gift Guide 2004


When the vanity hit the market in 2004,  I didn’t hesitate for a second to purchase it. At the time I was spending equally as much if not more for beautiful, good quality 1:6 scale Bespaq (or items of the like) furniture pieces, so $125.00 hardly seemed ridiculous to me. I was, and I continue to be, a major diorama geek,  I was in the camp that was shouting for more 1:6 scale furniture pieces and was willing to pay the price for solid, quality furniture pieces. I only purchased one. What those collectors then could only realize now. There IS in fact a huge void in this portion of our hobby. The need for well priced, well structured furniture pieces made of durable, quality materials.

Fast forward to today. In as much as I adore and appreciate this vanity, I have to ask myself if I would pay upwards of $400-500 for the piece if I didn’t already own one.  It is an incredible 1:6 scale item, and I’ve been very pleased with the quality. It has held up perfectly for these past 13 years.  Zero complaints. But I know that because I own one.  However, I write about this because I know that at some point, new collectors will stumble upon my blog. And it is quite possible that this all new and fresh to them. So, if you are new to this hobby, and you decide that you want to seek out this piece to add to your collection, but you’re not sure if the price tag fits the crime, I’m here to tell you: do the crime. Its a big price to pay. Would I pay $800? No. But you may be in a different tax bracket than I, and then of course it is all relevant. A couple of hundred dollars for a really well made, classic, stylish piece of BFMC furniture is definitely worth it.

The vanity is a treasure to photograph and display. This photo is from a vignette/diorama that I photographed in 2007. Its one of my favorite photo series featuring the vanity. All of the sweet accessories that come with it are priceless. This vanity is a BFMC classic and it is a crying shame that Mattel didn’t add more beautiful pieces to the mix. Lord knows that if they would follow some of the prices of the auctions out there, they might note that there is HUGE gap to be filled, and if only they would jump in and fill it.

Today I took a few photos of my vanity for this post. It was a great reminder to take time to appreciate the treasures that I do have in my collection, and share the love for a lovely piece of BFMC history.

4 thoughts on “Silkstone Barbie Vanity … Investment Gone Wild

    Agreed! It’s an amazing piece. Many of us pay the same amount for Platinum Label dolls and for me this falls in the same category. If you think you want it, pull the trigger. It’s well worth it! Thanks for the nice reminder! ☺️

      on said:

      You of all people know I don’t collect for investment. I only buy what appeals to me. Glad this item appealed to me right out of the gate.

    on said:

    “Investment Gone Wild” is an understatement! I searched for this piece for years, and although beautiful and unique; was not willing to pay upwards of $800. In 2016, the “Barbie Gods” smiled on me all year long, I found the Vanity for less than $200/free shipping, and won’t even say how much I paid for a Black Francie! These much sought after treasures can be found, with patience.

    “The Duchess Dominique” is quite happy with her Vanity, and I have no regrets about waiting to find this wonderfully crafted piece. at a price that I can live with.

    By the way, may I say that I truly value your contribution to this wonderful hobby! I could blather on about how your collection was one of the reasons that I dove into collecting the BFMC head first, but I won’t 😉

      on said:

      Congrats on finding it at a more than reasonable price! I agree that patience is key when it comes to finding bargains in this hobby. Very exciting and rewarding when that happens.

      Your blathering on about my contributions seriously made my morning brighter! I enjoy reading your comments here. I love chatting about the mutual admiration for the BFMC !

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