Doll Room Essential: Command Brand Hooks

There is an item that I cannot live without in my doll room: Command hooks. I use these little guys throughout my doll room.  I like the idea of hanging items temporarily (or permanently) without damaging surfaces. I use the mini decorating clips the most.

As an example of how I use them, take a look at this vignette in my cabinet.  See the hanging chandelier?

It is made possible by the use of one of the Command decorating clips. From afar, the clip is virtually unnoticeable.

This is a clean and damage-free way of hanging items in display cabinets.

In another display, I use them in two ways:

Here, I use one to hang the chandelier.

I use them here to act as a fabric tie back on both sides, further concealed by a floral accent.

I have an Ikea Billy display case that faces the inside of my doll room.  I wanted to hang these Robert Best BFMC sketches somewhere in my room, and found that this was a great place to hang them. However, I didn’t want damage the case by using nails, so I chose to use the hooks here as well:

I disguise the hooks by using organza ribbon. Aren’t these frames all perfect for BFMC sketches with the blue and white Silkstone-themed stripes? I found them on clearance at Target years ago.

Here’s what the clip looks like when hung. This is one of the larger clips. The packaging states it can hold .5 lbs (225 g) so the weight of the frame is not too heavy at all.

Lastly, I have one on the back of my door.  I would never use a nail or a screw on the back of my beautiful white door!

This is the final message upon leaving my doll room:


4 thoughts on “Doll Room Essential: Command Brand Hooks

    on said:

    When I visit your flckr page, I always wonder how you hang chandeliers, now I know. Beautiful! I’m trying to get my brain to start working on dioramas, now I know how to hang Barbie’s Basquiat paintings. Thanks!

      on said:

      They’re awesome because unless you’re laying down on the floor looking up under the shelf, you cannot see the hooks. Helps that they’re clear! Get working on some dioramas! Dioramas are one of the most fun parts of collecting for me :)!

    Peter Harrigan
    on said:

    this is a GREAT idea – thank you! I have 3 chandeliers that have been sitting around un-used for years!!!!!!!!

      on said:

      Much sturdier than tape 🙂 Cleaner than nails or screws. BTW I have no financial interests in Command 🙂 LOL

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