Bleu Valentine at La Boutique Angelique Part 1

In 2005 I made a permanent diorama fixture for my collection that remains a favorite of mine. At the time, I was inspired by many of the beautiful lingerie pieces from the BFMC Silkstone collection, along with several well made Barbie Fashion Avenue lingerie sets and the like. The lingerie from the BFMC are delicate works of art. I thought it would be fun to create a lovely Parisian themed lingerie shop so the beloved items could always be on display. I call it “La Boutique Angelique”.  I have an album in my Flickr account you can view here if you’re interested in seeing some past photos of the boutique. I attempted to incorporate some of the elements of the inspirational BFMC photo sets when I created the boutique.

During the heydays of the Barbie Collector forum, I had a thread that I contributed to regularly with photos of the boutique.  Don’t go looking for it now – its buried deep in the vaults along with everything else over there.  Around Valentines Day, I used to enjoy creating and featuring a Valentines themed display. Its been years since I’ve been inspired to take new photos of the boutique. Time constraints don’t allow me as much time for elaborate photo shoots like I once took time for. However, this year I told myself I was going to revisit the theme, and so I did.  Sometimes, you just need a source of inspiration, and this year I’m going with a theme I call “Bleu Valentine”, inspired partially by this vintage Valentine from 1912. Angels and cherubs have always been part of the boutique theme, so this postcard is perfect for the theme:

Once I got started planning the new display, I realized my idea allowed me to utilize props that I’d been collecting (or hoarding, rather) for years. This year, I chose to change it up a bit and create a “window display wall” that you see from the store front window, as you enter the boutique.  Here is La Boutique Angelique’s Valentine Display for 2018:

Shoppers are drawn to the window display


Shoppers gonna shop!

Added some blue feathers


Watch out for Cupid!

Part 2 I will take you behind the window display wall, to the boutique sales floor.

4 thoughts on “Bleu Valentine at La Boutique Angelique Part 1

    Mary Drexler
    on said:

    I loved your thread on the Barbie forum. Oh how I miss those days. I did not even join the club this year. There was a time when I logged in everyday and could not imagine my life without it.

      on said:

      I understand your sentiments Mary … things just are not the same. I rarely visit the forums much these days. The negative tone keeps me away, along with lack of involvement from Mattel and the designers. Definitely a different place than it once was. I am glad to have made the friends I have through the great conversations we all used to participate in there. Delighted to still keep in touch with you even if it has to be here on my blog … thanks for visiting {hugs hugs hugs}.

    on said:

    As usual, your displays are timeless , creative and oh so beautiful!

    I had a fangirl moment when I saw the “shoppers gonna shop!” photo. So much attitude, so much style…I wish the BFMC could go back to that. *sigh*

      on said:

      I mixed up the fashions quite a bit here with that shoot LOL. Debut is wearing the vintage “Evening Splendour” coat – I tried it on her just to see how it would fair, and then I just couldn’t take it off of her, regardless of if it worked with the set or not ha ha! I will keep the old days of the BFMC alive single highhandedly if necessary, no matter how long I have to live in the past to keep the BFMC magic alive :)! Thanks for your always encouraging comments here! XO

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